MasterChef Rietvlei Zoo Farm

MasterChef Rietvlei Zoo Farm

MasterChef Rietvlei Zoo Farm or MasterChef Team Building Rietvlei Zoo Farm is a Cooking Competition, Cooking Team Building Competition. Where applicable, alcoholic beverages can be arranged.

MasterChef can be presented @ your Office 

Potjiekos Competition:
Each team (10 – 12 Team Members) receives a No3 Potjie, Meat, Vegetables and some of the ingredients to make their Potjie. Teams have to barter for their much needed ingredients a.k.a Beg, Borrow or Steal. The teams also have to make Greek salad and to get everybody involved in the competition.

Braai Master:
Each team receives a Mystery Box containing a Braai, Meat, Ingredients, Utensils and spices. build your Braai and make a Fire while the team Prepares the Meat, Salad and Bread Dow. Judging is based on cleanliness, presentation and Team Spirit. Teams take their Braais home after the event'.

Cake Boss:
A race against time to create a master piece according to theme.
Communication is the key as only one person is allowed to be by the Cake at any time. When the untimely whistle blows the team members must rotate and each team member has to get a turn.

Teams might have to also prepare a SaladBake a Bread or Theme and Decorate their Table or Stand

All our Events are Fully Catered with Mineral Waters, Cold Drinks, Snacks & Side dishes to accompany your prepared meal

Halal Equipment is available to prepare meals


09h00 Arrival
Meet at Rietvlei Zoo Farm

09h15 Arrival Refreshments
Tea, Coffee and Muffins

09h30 Ice breakers
Meet your facilitator as company and have a laugh with some Fun activities before the competition starts

10h15 Refreshment Break
Mineral water and comfort break

10h30 Minute To Win It /Amazing Race / Corporate Olympics

11h30 Refreshment Break
Boerewors Rolls and Cold Drinks

12h00 Potjiekos Competition / Braai Master

13h30 Cake Boss

14h00 Lunch
The Prepared meals and Salads are served with side dishes i.e. Garlic Bread, Rice, Pap etc.
Halal Meals are ordered from certified suppliers.

14h45 Awards
Announcement of the winning team

15h00 Departure at Leisure

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