Master Chef Team Building is a Cooking Competition / Cooking Team Building Competition, a brilliant social event that gets co-workers to get to know each other outside of the office environment.Where applicable, alcoholic beverages can be arranged.

Master Chef can be presented at any of our Team Building Venues or @ your Office 

Each team (10 – 12 Team Members) receives a No3 Potjie, Meat, Vegetables and some of the ingredients to make their Potjie. Teams have to barter for their much needed ingredients a.k.a Beg, Borrow or Steal. The teams also have to make Greek salad to get everybody involved in the competition.

Each team receives a Braai (they can take home after event) meat and ingredients to put together the perfect Braai Master Meal. Teams have to Braai their meat, bake a Bread  and make a Salad. All items are set on their tables to be judged before they dig in.
Communication is the key as only one person is allowed to be by the Cake at any time and each team member has to get a turn. The fun starts when teams receive their Mystery Box containing all the regular stuff and some items you might not expect…! Judging starts after teams explained their creations…….and everybody stops laughing!

Halal - New Potjies / Braais and Equipment is purchased for a Halal Catering

These Events can be held @ Your Office or any of our Team Building Venues

Master Chef can be combined with other events suitable for the venue:
Tree Top AdventurePaint BallCorporate OlympicsDrumming or Kitchen Orchestra

Click on event to see Itinerary:

Master Chef @ Your OfficeTeam Building at the Office, Team Building at Workplace
Master Chef can be hosted at any Venue that allows Charcoal / Gas Fires and at any of our Team Building Venues
Minute to Win It / Corporate fun Games
Potjiekos / Braai Master Competition

MasterChef Johannesburg Zoo
MasterChef Sandton
MasterChef Gilooly's
MasterChef Rietvlei Zoo Farm

Midrand - River Sands
Adventure MasterChef
Paintball MasterChef

CenturionMasterChef Centurion

MasterChef Botanical Gardens
MasterChef Pretoria Zoo
MasterChef Pretoria East
MasterChef Fountains Valley 

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