Team Building Activities

Team building Activities

Amazing Race Team Building is modeled after the TV Series is an exciting race suitable for all fitness levels. The Amazing Race includes Amazing Raze ImaginationAmazing Race Detours (Riddles) and the Amazing Race on Golf Carts. The Pretoria Zoo is one of our perfect Team Building venues to get out of the office and have some fun. The Amazing Race Team Building aim is to solve the riddles as fast as possible, identify the animals and set off on Golf Carts to find and take a selfie with the identified animals. This is a timed event and the team with the most correct pictures Wins!

Gautrain Amazing Race can start from any Gautrain StationGautrain Bus Stop or even Your Office
The Race starts when you receive your instructions and your E-Wallet. Use your money to pay for Gautrain tickets, Uber, Taxi, Tuk-Tuks or whatever it takes to get to the check points first! A Facilitator will meet you at each checkpoint with your next set of instructions as you make your way to the Pretoria Zoo.
The Fun continues as you set off on the Amazing Race Pretoria Zoo........ on Golf Cars!

Minute to Win It is based on the Popular TV Show and consists of a series of 1 – 5 Min Challenges testing speed and accuracy.
The Minute to Win It The perfect combination of both mental and low physical activities suitable for all fitness levels.

MasterChef is a Cooking Competition / Cooking Team Building Competition, a brilliant social event that gets co-workers to get to know each other outside of the office environment.Where applicable, alcoholic beverages can be arranged. Master Chef can be presented at any of our Team Building Venues or @ your Office 

Potjiekos Competition Each team (10 – 12 Team Members) receives a No3 Potjie, Meat, Vegetables and some of the ingredients to make their Potjie. Teams have to barter for their much needed ingredients a.k.a Beg, Borrow or Steal. The teams also have to make Greek salad to get everybody involved in the competition.

Braai Master Each team receives a Braai (they can take home after event) meat and ingredients to put together the perfect Braai Master Meal. Teams have to Braai their meat, bake a Bread  and make a Salad. All items are set on their tables to be judged before they dig in. 

Cake Boss - Communication is the key as only one person is allowed to be by the Cake at any time and each team member has to get a turn. The fun starts when teams receive their Mystery Box containing all the regular stuff and some items you might not expect…! Judging starts after teams explained their creations.

Paintball teambuilding Activities is part of our Adventure Team Building and Adrenaline Team Building Packages. This offer combined with one of our Catering Options makes for the most exhilarating Team Building Activities ever! 

Corporate Olympics is the perfect combination of both mental and low physical activities suitable for all fitness levels. The activities are designed to promote Communication, Team Work and getting to know your coworkers better whilst Having Fun. Teams compete head on in a variety of group activities challenging the teams on both mental and low physical levels. Speed,  Accuracy, Communication and team work is required to score points

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